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Watch our 7 minute video to learn about the foundation’s origins and hear how recoveries are aided by our Healing Programs. Maybe you’ll be inspired to Join the Team!

Northwest Hope & Healing

Helping Women with Breast & Gynecological Cancer

Northwest Hope & Healing is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Christine Smith in 2000. Christine created the foundation while undergoing breast cancer treatment at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Her goal was to help other women who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer in the Puget Sound area.

The mission of Northwest Hope & Healing is to provide financial assistance to women in need who are battling breast and gynecological cancer at the Swedish Cancer Institute. The Patient Assistance Fund provides assistance for every day living expenses such as child care, groceries, reliable transportation, and emergency rent. In addition, signature “Healing Baskets” are assembled and delivered, at no charge, to women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer at all Swedish Cancer Institute Campuses. Please contact a Social Worker at Swedish for the qualification guidelines. The telephone number is 206-386-3228.

The goal of Northwest Hope & Healing is to help women get back on track financially, while they are dealing with the emotional and physical effects of cancer. We assist women with the healing process so they may begin to feel whole once again, and give them hope for the future. Click here to read our 2014 Annual Report With Board Member and Staff Roster how your donations are making a difference.


Our Healing Programs help women get through a cancer diagnosis. Please join us in this partnership. Make a donation here.

Messages of Thanks

Inspiring testimonials about our Healing Programs

Breast cancer came as a shock. This grant means the world! It means I will be back on my feet financially and emotionally. Thank you, Christine

Thank you very much for the grant. It helped pay our rent during a trying time for my husband and me. We are so grateful. In gratitude, Catherine

I cannot tell you how much the grocery store gift cards mean to me . . . to be able to get through the next couple of months without having to worry about groceries is HUGE. Thank you so much, Laura

I cried when I received the grant. I had no idea where my groceries, toiletries, and gas would come from. It was a huge gift. Thank you, Karen

The Healing Basket was a blessing! As the reality sank in, surgery was over and radiation began, that sweet basket made me smile. That basket became the symbol of all the support that has been there for me. In deep appreciation, Mimi

Over the past 14 years, NWHH grants have been an invaluable part of the support that the Swedish Cancer Institute offers to women. Thanks to the generosity of NWHH donors, the oncology social work team is able to ensure that every breast and gynecological cancer patient's non-medical needs and expenses are supported. Thomas Brown, MD, MBA, Executive Director, Swedish Cancer Institute

Healing Basket

Our Healing Baskets are designed to offer comfort and hope to women going through cancer treatments in our community. Everything you need to get involved in creating or donating to this program can be found here.

Healing Baskets

for Hope & Healing

The signature item of Northwest Hope & Healing is the "Healing Basket". It is at the time of initial diagnosis that one's future may seem uncertain. Healing Baskets are available at no charge to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. The baskets are filled with items such as a teddy bear that can be held during treatment, soothing hand lotion, herbal tea, hard candies, and handmade cards or notes of encouragement. The items are intended to provide comfort, offer encouragement, and carry a message of hope.

For more information about these baskets, how to get one, how to give one, to make contributions or donate products for the Healing Baskets, please contact Kristina Dahl at (206) 215-2888 or email info@nwhopeandhealing.org.

Many items included in the baskets are generously provided by our growing list of Partners. If you would like to host a Healing Basket Item Donation Drive, please contact Kristina Dahl for details.


Contact Info

Northwest Hope & Healing
P.O. Box 16069
Seattle, WA 98116