Our Mission

Northwest Hope & Healing was founded by Christine Smith in 2000, roughly 2 months after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The mission she envisioned from the beginning is the same today:  to provide financial assistance to local women in need who are battling breast and gynecological cancer at the Swedish Cancer Institute.

Our Patient Assistance Fund provides assistance for everyday living expenses such as child care, groceries, reliable transportation, and emergency rent. Our signature “Healing Boxes” are assembled and delivered, at no charge, to local women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer at all Swedish Cancer Institute Campuses.

Northwest Hope and Healing is a 509(a)(3) Supporting Organization of Swedish Cancer Institute; our EIN number is 20-0799737. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Who We Help

Northwest Hope & Healing helps local women* who come to Swedish Cancer Institute for treatment for breast and gynecologic cancer treatment who are struggling financially.  Sometimes, these are women who were low income when they were hit by a cancer diagnosis; sometimes, these are women whose financial resources have been depleted by cancer due to additional expenses or loss of work.

*Occasionally, we help a man diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  2600 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer annually.  We are glad to help men who seek breast cancer treatment at SCI also.


How We Help

Immediate, direct assistance for cancer patients.
It’s that simple.

Northwest Hope & Healing is the only organization that provides direct, immediate assistance to local patients. No long forms, no waiting period. Swedish Cancer Institute distributes 100% of the funds donated by Northwest Hope & Healing to the Patient Assistance Fund for zero fee, in consideration of SCI’s patient needs.

Every patient who comes to SCI for cancer treatment is given access to SCI’s oncology social workers. Every patient’s needs are assessed by the social workers. SCI’s social workers are uniquely qualified due to their professional training and oversight of the breadth of oncology patients to determine which patients are most in need of financial assistance.

When a social worker at SCI finds a patient in need, they offer a Northwest Hope & Healing financial grant. Right away, on the spot, directly to the patient when and where they need it.

Grants are given in the form of gift cards (for groceries, transportation, gas cards, and more) or direct payment of bills. If a patient is struggling to pay the rent, the social worker can transfer funds to the landlord; if a patient needs help with utilities, the social worker can pay the utility company.

If you are a breast or gynecologic cancer patient undergoing active treatment at Swedish Cancer Institute, you may qualify for one of our grants. Please contact a social worker at SCI 206-386-3228 to learn more.

Northwest Hope & Healing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, EIN #20-0799737.